MediaFire Links Dead?

I know some of my links where dead thats b/c I lost a MF acc today not to worry I have Re-uploaded most of my stuff so no big deal thanks for telling me who ever you where lol any ways just to want to tell u all also I will be adding some gundam series here and they are Dubbed I have Gundam 08th MS Team ready just need to make a page also Im working on Gundam Wing Dubbed, GTO Dubbed, and a few others plus theres alot I already uploaded but haven’t made pages for them yet on that note I will be opening for request


Rules On Request:

1.Not to long nothing over 50 episode Plz

2. Tell me if u want Dubbed or Subbed and give me a myanimelist link to know what u want

3. Dont ask me every day when is my request going to be up, I will do it as fast as I can if its 12 episode and there are good seeds then it will be up the next day

4.Don’t ask me for Naruto Shippuden,One Piece,Cased Close,Bleach,Dragon Ball Z,Pokemon. “Its not I dont like any of these I just don’t want to do them b/c they will get taken down real fast”


Other than that ask me for anything I will try my best

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I'm just a guy who loves anime,music,Dirt Bikes,Guitars. If u want to know more just ask me >=)