This explains everything.

No, you haven’t traveled back in time.

So, you probably noticed that we’ve been slowly changing things around here. First it was the site name, then we cleaned up the homepage a little. And now the site looks like an entirely new site. Well, it’s the same site, same people, same series.

The reason everything is from 7 months ago is because when we overhauled the site’s look, something or other happened and all the pages were deleted. This is a backup from 7 months ago! Every post, comment, and page made in the past 7 months is lost. Better than everything being gone though, right?

Anyways, everything’s different, I’ll list some of the changes:

-Entirely new look, the anime list is in it’s own separate tab now.
-The forums are gone, it’s been replaced with a much simpler request form. Choose request or report, write your message, click send. It will go directly to the staff.
-There are now separate sections for dub, sub and ongoing. So you’ll never have to ask whether a series is subbed or dubbed again. (this is still under construction)
-Obviously, the old and unneeded sections of the site are gone. This includes OST, reviews and other pages. I’ll be adding a FAQ and we’ll be getting a staff page up pretty soon.

…Well, I was going to write a lot more, but we’ve gone so simple that everything explains itself.

That’s about it. We have a new staff member, DarkBlade16, he’ll be adding a lot of series, and helping with ongoing series. He might be writing an intro in the comments on this post.

The post with my file folders is gone, I’ll post them here. I filled up my first SendMyWay folder, but I’m continuing series on a second one.
Sendmyway (1):
Sendmyway (2):

Any suggestions for the site, concerns, comments, etc. Let me know in the comments on this post.

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